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THIELMANN also have facilities to perform container maintenance directly at client sites. This can sometimes be more economically viable due to the volume and frequency or geographical location as an alternative to transporting containers to the main repair factory.

Equipment and highly skilled staff are transported to client’s sites on an ad-hoc or routine basis as required.

The mobile team at THIELMANN have extensive experience with working on client sites and undergo extensive additional training – prior to fulfilling all specific site requirements such as inductions and permit to work training.

In the interests of practicality and health, safety & environmental concerns, experience dictates that certain services provided by THIELMANN are typically not recommended on a mobile basis. Although the vast majority of services are available, services such as aggressive chemical cleaning and major welding are currently only available from the main factory.

Specific projects – even those that include major work – can be offered as an on-site / mobile service.  An initial assessment will determine the best solution based around costs, efficiency and client requirements. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.