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THIELMANN is able to offer high level maintenance solutions for all types of container fleets, regardless of style, size or type.

Ongoing reactive maintenance, preventative maintenance or project based maintenance services are provided with solutions aimed towards best fit for each individual client. Containers can be transported to the main factory for off-site maintenance or maintenance solutions can be transported to client’s sites as required or a combination of both solutions. An initial assessment will determine the best method which incorporates analysis into costs, quality, health and safety and transport to ensure the most efficient solution is delivered to meet individual client requirements.

THIELMANN offers a comprehensive range of maintenance services ranging from simple extractor exchanges and refurbishment through to aggressive internal chemical cleaning, weld repairs, chimb replacement and container re-sizing.

The combination of modern state of the art equipment and processes along with a highly skilled workforce ensure that THIELMANN is best positioned within the global market place to offer solutions of the highest standard to micro brewers or international brewers alike.