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Our ISO Tank Container systems are designed to operate worldwide and withstand the harshest handling conditions that can be associated with road, rail, sea and extreme climate operation. Over the last five decades, THIELMANN WEW has developed a deep understanding of the rigours involved with multimodal transport and designed our containers to overcome them. We specialise in providing integrated systems combining liquid/gas storage with ancillary services, such as pumps, specialist linings, filtration, telemetry, heating and cooling systems. Chemical, oil and gas, logistics service providers and defence forces all rely on THIELMANN WEW systems for the secure movement, storage and delivery of gases and liquids, ranging from foodstuffs to some of the most toxic chemicals in existence. Click here for more information

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Our stainless steel gas cylinders represent a solution which is not only 50% lighter than the common carbon steel ones, but also include a number of extra advantages above it’s competitors. The many unique values provided by stainless steel make it the most powerful candidate in the material selection and makes it superior to aluminium and composite.

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Expertise in dosing, dispensing and mixing of bulk materials. THIELMANN Container Systems. Our solutions cover your full production process. All our products can be customized and equipped with several interfaces that will integrate to fit and work smoothly in your production process.

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Storage of non-hazardous and hazardous fluids as used in the chemical, mineral oil, food and beverage industry. Pharmaceutical model optional.

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THIELMANN has available suitable accessories and spare parts for virtually any application and interface so as to meet the individual requirements of your production and your product flow. Please have a look in our spare parts catalogue – our customer services are happy to help you. Phone: +49 7831 77293. Click here for more information