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Renowned stainless steel manufacturer is now continuing its path to focus its activities on containers manufacturing

WEITEFELD, Germany, 26th June 2017: THIELMANN has announced divestment of Schmelzer Warmpresswerk (, one of its subsidiaries in Hagen (Germany). Schmelzer Warmpresswerk is one of the drop-forging companies in Germany and manufactures hot forged press workpieces out of forging-capable steel goods for more than 50 years. Next to serving external customers, Schmelzer was also a very reliable supplier for some crucial parts to THIELMANN. “Over the past years the share of group-internal sales has been reduced to a minimum and with that, Schmelzer lost its strategic role within THIELMANN”, Co-CEO Dr. Bernd Loeser explained while talking to media on Friday, June the 23rd.

“We sold Schmelzer Warmpresswerk because despite being a valuable asset, the company did not belong to our core business that is offering stainless steel containers solutions” said Dr. Loeser, while expressing his views regarding this major announcement. “With last year´s acquisition of WEW Containersystems GmbH on 2nd May 2016 and today´s divestment we are continuing our path on implementing our mission to become the leading one-stop-shop for all container products and services. The decision on buying WEW has proved to be very successful, as the expansion of product portfolio to stainless steel containers up to 50´000 liters and the gain of unique engineering expertise in container systems has been well accepted by our clients”.

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