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We are delighted to announce that our Spanish facilities company name will be changing as of Februrary 1st 2017 from PORTINOX S.A. to THIELMANN PORTINOX SPAIN S.A.

Please note that the VAT number will remain unaltered as ES-A18005389.

This name change represents a step further into the transition to THIELMANN – The Container Company, a brand which brings together all companies from the Business Unit Containers of the Teka Group and consolidates as a global leader in stainless steel containers.

The name THIELMANN is not new for us, as it was an existing brand that has been used by PORTINOX to commercialize its products and services in some countries, and it refers to one of the Teka Group founders, Mr. Karl Thielmann.

THIELMANN – The Container Company is a brand which is proud to have more than 275 years of expertise in transforming steel, and nowadays has become into a worldwide organization with more than 1000 employees working in several manufacturing plants and sales offices all around the globe, while exporting its products and services to more than 150 countries.

We would also like to inform you that other than visible changes, you will see no further changes. Our underlying core products and services will remain the same, and our teams will retain their functional specialization. Management and staff will not change, and you will still receive support from the same Account Management and Client Services teams.

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