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WEW receives US Army Hippo order

11 junio

WEW, a THIELMANN company, has signed a $27.5 million contract to supply new Hippo water container systems to the US Army

WEW, a THIELMANN company, has signed a $27.5 million contract to supply new Hippo water container systems to the US Army.
The company will supply 241 units under the contract, with delivery to begin within three months. All units will be delivered within 12 months of the contract signing. At full rate production the WEW Weitefeld facility will produce one unit per day.
The Hippo water system has been in use with the US Army since 2003. WEW was part of the team that supplied 1,400 units between 2003 and 2013. These systems are still in use with the army, supporting deployed units around the world.
The new Hippo systems will be identical in form, fit and function to the original design. With a capacity of 7,700 litres (2,000 US gal), Hippo is a self-contained, ‘drop and go’ drinkable water storage and distribution system fitted within a standard 20ft ISO frame. With integrated heating, pumping and diesel engine systems, Hippo can pump 125 gallons per minute and can be transported on existing US Army Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck (HEMTT) logistics vehicles. It is compatible with Load Handling Systems and requires no site preparation prior to its deployment.
The Hippo water systems will fulfil an ‘unusual and compelling urgency’ requirement of the US Army, with the contract placed under the US European Re-Assurance Initiative program.
Björn Stolz, Managing Director, WEW, said: ‘This new US Army order for Hippo is a clear signal that WEW continues to retain its position as the market leader for containerized fuel and water supply systems.
‘After almost two years of heavy re-structuring and workforce investment, this project will be the reference point for the future of the THIELMANN Weitefeld entity, as we continue to strengthen our portfolio and invest in R&D.’
WEW Container Systems GmbH se convierte en THIELMANN WEW GmbH
Con este cambio de nombre legal, queremos transmitir la completa incorporación de WEW Container Systems y su exclusivo portfolio de productos y servicios en THIELMANN
Nos complace comunicar que en línea con la exitosa adquisición de WEW Container Systems por THIELMANN en 2016, WEW Container Systems GmbH ha cambiado oficialmente de nombre a THIELMANN WEW GmbH, a día 25 de enero de 2019
29 Jan
THIELMANN WEW receives Saab order
THIELMANN WEW has delivered a fuel storage and distribution system to Saab under an order received in August 2018
The 8,000L Deployable Fuel and Distribution Capacity (DFDC) tank container system is being acquired by Saab on behalf of the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV). Saab will supply the system to the Swedish FMV as a prototype unit for testing and assessment
29 Jan
THIELMANN WEW equipment takes part in NATO exercise
A THIELMANN WEW fuel storage and distribution system supplied to the Luxembourg Army took part in NATO Exercise TRIDENT JUNCTURE in Norway during October-November 2018
THIELMANN WEW supplied the 8,000L Deployable Fuel and Distribution Capability (DFDC) tank container system to Luxembourg in August under a single unit order. The system is identical to the 36 DFDC units supplied to the Belgian Army throughout 2017-2018
29 Nov
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