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THIELMANN WEW receives Saab order

29 enero

THIELMANN WEW has delivered a fuel storage and distribution system to Saab under an order received in August 2018

THIELMANN WEW has delivered a fuel storage and distribution system to Saab under an order received in August 2018.

The 8,000L Deployable Fuel and Distribution Capacity (DFDC) tank container system is being acquired by Saab on behalf of the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV). Saab will supply the system to the Swedish FMV as a prototype unit for testing and assessment.

The DFDC is identical to the DFDC units supplied to the Luxembourg and Belgian armed forces throughout 2017-2018. Designed to simplify logistics supply chains, the solution provides an intermodal, self-contained mobile and deployable system to dispense diesel or kerosene fuel directly into military platforms and containers.

The system is integrated into a standard 20ft ISO container frame with a height of 7ft, for transportation on military logistics vehicles, and air and sea assets. It is compatible with standard military handling equipment including STANAG 2413 Palletized Load System, Demountable Rack Offload and Pickup System (DROPS), forklift and Load Handling System logistics systems.

The system can dispense 280-300L of fuel per minute as a maximum flow rate, via a 3inch NATO standard drybreak coupling. The tank container is equipped with overfill protection and level sensors, a 6 kVA, 400/230 V, 50 Hz electric power generator GENSET, and has integrated transfer pumping and tank self-load/unloading capability. Also, two 12m dispensing hose reels, each with a nozzle, are equipped for dispensing lower flows rates (50 l/min or 120 l/min) into vehicles or other containers.

As with all THIELMANN WEW tank container systems, the DFDC requires no site preparation prior to its deployment, offering a true ‘drop and go’ fuel capability.

“This order from Saab is another win for THIELMANN WEW and another vote for our industry-leading fuel storage and distribution capabilities,” Falko Pfeuffer, Head of Defense, THIELMANN WEW commented. “We are confident that the Swedish armed forces will see the advantages inherent in this flexible fuelling capability and it will have a positive impact on future fuel supply procurement programmes.”
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