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Kombucha (the drink) and its Relation with Stainless Steel Containers

Kombucha is a delicious beverage. Its origins are not clear, and despite some authors claim it comes from China, others claim it is from Russia. The truth is that it is a typical beverage right in the frontier of these two countries. The expertise of preparing the drink is an ancestral knowledge that has managed to overcome time and generations.

In recent times, Kombucha has become very popular due to its delicious taste and its health benefits. The modern means of production and innovative flavours are putting Kombucha rising of popularity. There are even on tap systems compared to the means of serving beer that are transforming the way this beverage is served. These means of dispatching it would not have been possible if the containers had not evolved. Stainless steel containers play a major role. Let’s explore more about them.


The drink has been traditionally brewed in kegs. Few decades ago, different metals were popular options. However, the brew soon proved to have a metallic taste that was not appealing to most people.

It seems that the reaction of yeast and other bacteria was not the best when it comes to a metal container. However, the use of stainless steel containers was the exception to that rule. That is why it is becoming the preferred method to prepare this brew.


Other popular materials for the keg where Kombucha is brewed include glass, ceramic, and porcelain. As you can see, all of them are delicate vessels. They will break easily, and when you are looking forward to brew Kombucha for industrial porpoises, they are not the most durable choice.

Certain type of glass containers in particular also proved to deliver contaminated Kombucha. This added minus points to the beverage brew.


The main issue with a metal container is that Kombucha is contaminated. The metal taste is not as much of an issue as the metallic particles that leach the chemicals and corrode the keg.

After using a metal container, impurities such as aluminum or lead were commonly found in the brew. These chemicals were not just affecting the taste, but also the quality of the beverage. The health benefits were not as relevant, and there were more risks from drinking a Kombucha bottle. With time, expertise showed that metal vessels were not the best way to prepare the brew.


When preparing the Kombucha brew, stainless steel containers have proved to be an excellent choice. They are resistant and can be used for many brews, reducing production costs. However, that is not the best part of it.

The best of stainless steel is that it resists corrosion. This means that it will not add any impurity like other metals. The flavor and quality of Kombucha will remain intact when it is fermented in a stainless steel container.

Sanitization is also an advantage. The cleaning process of stainless steel is easy to perform. The proof are the millions of industrial kitchens that use this metal as their preferred surface. The metal is resistant and durable, as it is washable and perfect for the preparation of any sort of meal.


Recently, a company in the United States is innovating when it comes to the juicing tap system. They are distributing Kombucha in their local community, with cold pressed fruits processed on a daily basis. Their expertise comes from a homemade system that they started to fulfill their personal needs. The end result was soon appreciated by their closest friends, who encouraged them to start a business out of it.

The fruit is meant to produce Kombucha of different flavors. Among the options you can find ingredients such as kale, apple, ginger, and oranges. That is why a tap system is of most use, creating a very interesting combination. The on tap idea is coming from beer. Transporting it to fermented juices such as Kombucha is an out of the box solution to a nutritional beverage that is proving to be evolving quickly.

The container and the on tap system itself are all made out of stainless steel. The durability and reliability of stainless steel kegs make them a great choice to distribute high quality Kombucha. The beverage is not affected by the vessel. Customers can enjoy a fresh delicious fermented drink.