IBD 36th Biennial Convention

Australia 16 mar. - 20 mar.


Comenzar: marzo 16

Finalizar: marzo 20

Categorías de eventos: Exhibitions

Página web: https://tribe.eventsair.com/ibd---36th-biennial-convention


Centro de Convenciones y Exposiciones de Perth
21 Mounts Bay Rd
With the significant number of craft breweries now based in Western Australia there will be an ongoing focus on craft brewing as part of the technical programme. The theme for the Convention will be The Power of Connectivity with an emphasis on all participants from every aspect of the industry coming together for the benefit of the industry as a whole.

The 2020 Asia Pacific IBD Convention aims to integrate craft brewing, large scale brewing, and distilling needs throughout the entire convention programme. Delegates can mingle with experts in flavor and innovation or debate the challenges of efficiency and best cost. The importance of supply chain and marketing as businesses grow and expand into this connected, ever-changing and increasingly digital landscape.

There will also be a special forum to share insights into the complex world of distilling and to celebrate the history of this honorable profession. Last but not least, there will be the chance to break bread with your favorite suppliers and business partners that are imperative to these assembly’s and get the latest insights into what is new and exciting in the world of Brewing and Distilling today.

THIELMANN is delighted to be showcasing our range of high quality kegs at stand #32 as well as our pressurized and customizable Cleaning Can which can clean up to 5 different draft systems at once. Also on display will be our Process Equipment, a new line of products featuring our Beer Fermenter and Yeast Brink Tank.