Specialist Solutions

Specialist solutions designed to meet your requirements

For specialist applications with unique requirements, THIELMANN offers a design and manufacturing service.

Whether you need deep customization of an existing product or a new 'clean sheet' design, THIELMANN engineers can design, manufacture, test and certify solutions that 100 percent meet your needs.

Flexible enough to work with any design parameters, we can provide specialist solutions in single or double-walled designs within standard ISO or non-ISO frames. Materials can include carbon, stainless steel (V2A / V4A) in all grades, hastelloy, nickel and titanium.

For customers operating with acids and/or alkalis, we can produce tank container solutions with an inner lining, including ChemLine, Proco-EMAIL, Säkaphen; FA, FEP, Teflonalong plastic coatings; special interior lacquers; lead linings; and glass-enamel coatings.

For water and drinking water solutions our tank container systems can be equipped with feed pumps, hose reels, UV drinking water maintenance systems, chlorine dosing units and also reverse osmosis units.

In the fuel sector, stationary and also independent mobile system solutions are possible, which are suitable for diesel, gasoline and aviation fuel. Individual solutions for refueling cars, trucks, aircraft, helicopters and military vehicles can also be produced.



Certified solutions for a range of applications for industries that demand excellence.


Corrosion-resistant solutions for the storage and transport of controlled and dangerous substances.


Patented double-shell solutions for the safe, storage, transport and dispensing of diesel, gasoline and aviation fuel.


Solutions for the transport and storage of drinking and non-potable water, including reverse osmosis capabilities.


Hygenic and robust solutions for transporting and preserving all kinds of beverages.


When it comes to the protection of human lives and the environment there are no second chances.

THIELMANN tank container systems are designed and certified to the highest safety levels and exhaustively tested to ensure compliance.

Our designs incorporate a number of safety features, including frames capable of sustaining massive shock loading and a 6X welded ring system built in to the tank-frame connection for strength and stability.

To ensure against corrosion in stainless steel tanks, all THIELMANN stainless steel containers are blasted and painted with a twin-pack primer before insulation is mounted.

safety Solutions Thielmann

Possible Certifications
Our tank container solutions are designed and approved for the transport of liquids or gases according to ADR/RID/IMDG/GGVSEB. Further approvals, such as BAM, CFR 49, ASME U-Stamp, plus many more can also be provided on request.


Temperature control

Temperature Control Thielmann
THIELMANN tank containers are designed to safely transport materials within the temperature range of - 40 ° C to + 240 ° C. Heating and cooling systems in various designs can be used, including thermal oil, water/steam heating systems, electric heating systems, heating and cooling systems. Documentation recorders for materials that need to be transported within set temperature ranges can also be supplied.

Tank container insulation requirements are calculated and determined individually depending on the operational temperature range and use. Insulation cladding can be incorporated in different materials, including stainless-steel claddings in matt or high gloss, and aluminum and fiberglass claddings.

Temperature control options depend on operational requirements, and a guide to finding the right solutions can be found in our white paper, "Insulation vs heating and cooling systems". Please complete the form to download your complimentary copy of this whitepaper to your device.

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THIELMANN has delivered five fuel tanks to the Norwegian Polar Institute for deployment to Antarctica. The tanks will form part of a fuel tank farm near NPI’s Troll Station, the Norwegian research station in Antarctica, where they will be used to refuel research vessels and generators that are used for NPI field research.

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