Ultra-secure Container

Bromine container
Bromine container

Ultimate safety in a double container for dangerous good according to N43 (§173.226 CFR) & P804 (ADR)


Hazardous goods are used in many different industries and in numerous facilities across the globe, it is inevitable that we will need to come into contact with them. However, when we do it is crucial that they are to be stored safely and securely in suitable hazardous special packaging in order to protect human life, the environment, as well as valuable resources.

The THIELMANN Ultra-Secure Dangerous Goods Container meets all worldwide requirements for the safe storage and carriage of N43 (§173.226 CFR - Code of Federal Regulations) and P804 (ADR) dangerous goods and offers a secure heavy-duty drum container solution.

The revolutionary double drum customized solution is designed to meet the international requirements for the transportation of highly corrosive chemicals, including acids and corrosive agents.

The THIELMANN Ultra-Secure Dangerous Goods Container is a double container featuring an inner shock-absorbent layer. The outer container is manufactured using high-grade stainless steel AISI-316L offering unbeatable durability, and the inner container is constructed using ISO NiCu30 (equivalent to Monel® 400), a nickel-copper alloy that is extremely highly resistant to corrosive environments. The inert shock-absorbent layer situated between the two containers ensures the protection of the contents of the vessel and satisfies the regulations covering this type of dangerous goods container.

The 'first-of-its-kind' UN-approved packaging is an innovative and durable solution for chemicals according to N43 (§173.226 CFR) & P804 (ADR) such as bromine and bromine solutions (UN 1744).

For other substances according to this Special provision N43 and/or other CFR or ADR Packing Instruction, please contact us to check their suitability.

The container meets all of the requirements as set out under UN (ADR & CFR), and represents the ideal containment solution for the storage and transportation of toxic and extremely flammable substances. This ultra-secure solution is already available in many industry-ready formats, but can also be customized to meet unique customer requirements, such as with different fittings and size options.


  • Chemical
  • Pharmaceutical


  • UN Approved Packaging Symbol
    UN / ADR Approval - Suitable for Hazardous Material
  • Suitable for the storage and carriage of N43 (CFR) AND P804 (ADR) dangerous goods
  • Outer drum constructed of high-grade stainless steel AISI 316L
  • Inner drum constructed using ISO NiCu30 (equivalent to Monel® 400)
  • Secure safety closures, clamps, and seals
  • Equipped with an inert shock-absorbent insulation layer for added protection
  • Inner drum fitted with 1 x G2” – 1X G ¾” seal and caps, including a tri-clamp closure DN250 (10” diameter)
  • Outer drum features safety closure with seal
  • Fully customizable with different fittings and sizing options
  • Fully customizable with different fittings and size options available
  • Many industry-friendly size formats available immediately
  • Eco-friendly
  • Revolutionary double container design for highly hazardous goods
  • Extremely resistant to corrosion
  • Ultra-safe and secure single and combination packaging
  • In full compliance with UN, ADR and CFR


  • Unique to the market ultra-secure container which meets even the most demanding applications
  • Extremely corrosion-resistant
  • Ultra-safe and secure double container design
  • Shock-absorbent insulation layer for added protection
  • Engineered to meet worldwide regulations for the carriage of dangerous goods (UN, and CFR)
  • Available in industry-ready sizes with other customization options and sizing formats also available

Unit: Metric Imperial

15 L 351 mm Ø470 mm
20 L 400 mm Ø470 mm
30 L 498 mm Ø470 mm
39 L 580 mm Ø470 mm
50 L 695 mm Ø470 mm
 4 Gal 13.8 in  Ø18.5 in
5.3 Gal 15.7 in Ø18.5 in
8 Gal 19.6 in Ø18.5 in
10.3 Gal 23.2 in Ø18.5 in
13.3 Gal 27.4 in Ø18.5 in
Storage of dangerous goods in line with a wide range of CAS/UN numbers, including bromine, potassium, hydrogen peroxide plus many more.

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