Wine Keg

Wine keg
Wine keg

A modern storage solution for a rapidly evolving market

Wine in the best possible condition, from the first to the last drop

Our Wine Kegs are modelled on a similar system used in the brewing industry, by replacing CO2 with a mixture of 25% CO2 & 75% N2, the ideal environment is created to store foodstuffs, this results in freshness of your wine for months on end.

Stainless steel has been proven to not generate migration of flavor to the product it contains, this means that we can guarantee that the organoleptic properties of your product will remain unchanged throughout the entire distribution chain, delivering the distinctive nuances of your wine from initial storage right through to the consumer.


5 - 100 Liters


  • Beverage


  • EC 1935-2004 Compliant

Wine is a beverage which deteriorates easily due to several reasons:

  • UV light: Our packaging fully protects against the harmful effects that light can cause to a product.
  • Temperature: Our packaging solution provides better insulation against sudden changes in temperature.
  • Cost Savings: After payback on initial investment, it is not necessary to spend on packaging for the rest of the life of our product (estimated at 30 years), thus offering excellent residual value.
  • Cork taint is eliminated: As the presence of Trichloroanisole (TCA) is avoided, 3-5% of packaged wine in a bottle with cork statistically detect cork flavor or TCA, something which a stainless steel containers avoids.
  • Sulfites: Thanks to the unbeatable protection of a Wine Keg, the incorporation of antioxidants and sulfites is not necessary.
  • External contamination: The gas that comes into contact with the wine inside our Wine Keg is nitrogen, which is used for dispending, it avoids oxidation and prevents the entry of impurities, thus ensuring quality even as the product is running out.
  • 100% Taste: Stainless steel does not allow for the migration of flavor to the product, this guarantees that the wine will maintain its organoleptic properties throughout the distribution chain from initial storage through to consumer.
  • Reusable Packaging: Decreased carbon footprint.
  • Storage: It can be stored in the same location as any other wine packaging.


You don’t compromise on the quality of the wine you produce, so don’t compromise on the quality of its storage. THIELMANN Wine Kegs are made using stainless steel which means that your product is free from external contamination, that means it leaves your product’s organoleptic properties fully in-tact. From the first to the last drop, wine in the best possible condition.

  • Available in a wide range of sizes and formats ranging from 5-100 liters.
  • Environmentally friendly & 100% recyclable.
  • 100% flavour: organolopetic properties maintained throughout distribution channel.
  • 100% UV light protection.
  • Ensures wine is free from external contamination.
  • Cork taint eliminated.
  • No sulfites or antioxidants necessary due to excellent product protection.


Quality of the product guaranteed until final consumer.

  • Red wine
  • White wine
  • Sparkling
  • Rosé
  • Vermut
  • Sweet


Unit: Metric Imperial

Slim 278 30 L 278 mm 8.15 Kg 590 mm 570 mm Optional - Bottom Skirt

25 L 278 mm 6.3 Kg 513 mm 490 mm Optional - Bottom Skirt

20 L 278 mm 5.65 Kg 435 mm 410 mm Optional - Bottom Skirt

15 L 278 mm 5 Kg 350 mm 330 mm Optional - Bottom Skirt
Slim 237 20 L 237 mm 5.4 Kg 560 mm 535 mm Optional - Bottom Skirt
  15 L 237 mm 4.5 Kg 440 mm 415 mm Optional - Bottom Skirt
  10 L 237 mm 3.65 Kg 330 mm 303 mm Optional - Bottom Skirt
Slim 250 5 L 250 mm - - - -
Slim 278 7.92 Gal 10.94 in 17.96 lb 23.22 in 22.44 in Optional - Bottom Skirt

6.60 Gal 10.94 in
13.88 lb 20.19 in 19.29 in Optional - Bottom Skirt

5.28 Gal 10.94 in
12.45 lb 17.12 in 16.14 in Optional - Bottom Skirt

3.96 Gal 10.94 in
11.02 lb 13.77 in 12.99 in Optional - Bottom Skirt
Slim 237
5.28 Gal 9.33 in 11.90 lb 22.04 in 21.06 in Optional - Bottom Skirt

3.96 Gal 9.33 in
9.92 lb 17.32 in 16.33 in Optional - Bottom Skirt

2.64 Gal 9.33 in
8.04 lb 12.99 in 11.92 in Optional - Bottom Skirt
Slim 250
1.32 Gal 9.84 in - - - -

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