Coffee Keg

Coffee keg
Coffee keg

Tap into the latest cold brew coffee trend

Cold brew and nitro coffee: The evolution of the coffee industry

The consumption of cold brew coffee has grown over the last few years in its original birthplace - the coffee shop, however nowadays, its presence is further expanding to other interesting locations, such as bars, restaurants and hotels.

The use of stainless steel kegs in coffee draft systems helps to protect the quality and extends the shelf life of cold brew and nitro coffee without compromising on quality. Additionally, the coffee can be made to last even longer by adding an inert gas like Nitrogen or Argon.

THIELMANN's strong and durable kegs play a key role in maintaining the distinctive taste and flavor profiles of cold brew and nitro coffee, due to the fact that stainless steel does not alter the organoleptic properties of any product that it comes into contact with.

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5 - 100 Liters


  • Beverage


  • EC 1935-2004 Compliant
  • UV light protection: Our stainless steel kegs protect 100% against the negative effects that UV light can cause to natural ingredients.
  • Better insulation: Our Coffee keg provides protection against sudden changes in external temperature.
  • Product oxidation prevention: our packaging solutions ensure an impermeable barrier against the entrance of air, and therefore avoid product oxidation, and the entry of impurities.
  • Product preservation: 100% Nitrogen (N2) or Argon (Ar) can be used in combination with THIELMANN Coffee Kegs to extend the shelf life of cold brew and nitro coffee, ensuring that it tastes just the same as when it was originally prepared.
  • 100% recyclable - kind to the planet
  • High residual value: Stainless steel holds a high residual value meaning that at the end of the keg's lifespan it can be recycled at a much higher value than other alternatives available in the market, providing a cost saving.

THIELMANN Coffee Kegs are made using high quality stainless steel that protect the organoleptic properties of your cold brew or nitro coffee, such as, the taste, texture and smell, regardless of their handling or climatic conditions.

  • Preserve taste: Stainless steel does not impact the flavor profile of the product it comes into contact with, ensuring that the coffee maintains its distinctive and delicious taste throughout the distribution chain, from storage to consumption.
  • One product - two different experiences: Cold Brew Coffee can be easily transformed into Nitro Coffee. This on-trend beverage, with it's thick, heavy and creamy texture can be yours to serve with the simple infusion of Nitrogen (N2) into the kegged coffee 24/48h prior to its initial serving. Nitrogen also acts as the propellant gas for serving purposes*. With just one product, you can create completely different experiences without the quality of the cold brew coffee being compromised, from preparation to final consumption.
  • Standard draft faucets: You can dispense this beverage using conventional faucets available in the market. Cold brewed coffee calls for standard faucets and Nitro brewed coffee requires stout faucets in order to produce its characteristic creamy head*.
  • Prevent wastage: THIELMANN Coffee Kegs completely prevent product deterioration, this means that your cold brew coffee will be served in its best possible state, from the first glass to the last.

*Contact us to analyze your requirements.

Unit: Metric Imperial

Slim 278 30 L 278 mm 8.15 Kg 590 mm 570 mm Optional - Bottom Skirt

25 L 278 mm 6.3 Kg 513 mm 490 mm Optional - Bottom Skirt

20 L 278 mm 5.65 Kg 435 mm 410 mm Optional - Bottom Skirt

15 L 278 mm 5 Kg 350 mm 330 mm Optional - Bottom Skirt
Slim 237 20 L 237 mm 5.4 Kg 560 mm 535 mm Optional - Bottom Skirt
  15 L 237 mm 4.5 Kg 440 mm 415 mm Optional - Bottom Skirt
  10 L 237 mm 3.65 Kg 330 mm 303 mm Optional - Bottom Skirt
Slim 250 5 L 250 mm - - - -
Slim 278 7.92 Gal 10.94 in 17.96 lb 23.22 in 22.44 in Optional - Bottom Skirt

6.60 Gal 10.94 in
13.88 lb 20.19 in 19.29 in Optional - Bottom Skirt

5.28 Gal 10.94 in
12.45 lb 17.12 in 16.14 in Optional - Bottom Skirt

3.96 Gal 10.94 in
11.02 lb 13.77 in 12.99 in Optional - Bottom Skirt
Slim 237
5.28 Gal 9.33 in 11.90 lb 22.04 in 21.06 in Optional - Bottom Skirt

3.96 Gal 9.33 in
9.92 lb 17.32 in 16.33 in Optional - Bottom Skirt

2.64 Gal 9.33 in
8.04 lb 12.99 in 11.92 in Optional - Bottom Skirt
Slim 250
1.32 Gal 9.84 in - - - -

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