Cider keg


Cider on tap: Perfect cider from the cidery to the glass

Improved product shelf life - freshness to the very last drop

Constructed using high-quality stainless steel, our strong and durable kegs serve as the ideal containers for safeguarding the quality of your cider. From storing to dispensing, discover how our THIELMANN Cider kegs can help deliver the best tasting cider.
Stainless steel has been proven to not affect the beverages it contains, this means that the organoleptic properties of your product will remain unchanged throughout the entire distribution chain, protecting the distinctive taste profile of your cider from initial storage right through to final consumption.


5 - 100 Liters


  • Beverage


  • EC 1935-2004 Compliant
  • 100% UV light protection: Our kegs fully protect against the harmful effects that light can cause to a product.
  • Temperature protection: Our packaging solution provides better insulation against sudden changes in temperature.
  • Product oxidation prevention: our kegs create an impermeable barrier against the entrance of air, thus avoiding product oxidation, as well as the entry of impurities.
  • Product preservation: CO2 or a combination of CO2/N2 can be used, depending on your needs, to avoid changes to your product. These gases are commonly used to create an equilibrium inside the container in order to ensure that the cider is not altered in any way, and results in keeping the freshness from the cidery, right through to the glass.
  • Cost savings: At the end of the keg's lifespan, it can be recycled, which is not only beneficial for the environment, but also for your balance sheet; thanks to the high residual value of stainless steel.
  • Environmentally friendly & 100% recyclable

You don’t compromise on the quality of the cider you produce, so don’t compromise on the quality of its storage. THIELMANN Cider Kegs are made using stainless steel that leaves the organoleptic properties of your cider unaltered, regardless of its handling or climatic conditions. From the first to the very last drop - your cider in the best possible condition.

  • 100% taste: Stainless steel does not affect the flavor of the product it comes into contact with, ensuring that the cider maintains its organoleptic properties throughout the distribution chain from initial storage through to final consumption.
  • Reduce overhead costs: Less corks, caps and labels required.
  • Cider (as beer) can use 100% CO2 gas*.
  • Prevent product wastage: Without oxidation to contend with, your cider will be served in the best possible state from the first glass to the very last.

*Contact us to analyze your requirements.

  • Cider

Unit: Metric Imperial

Slim 278 30 L 278 mm 8.15 Kg 590 mm 570 mm Optional - Bottom Skirt

25 L 278 mm 6.3 Kg 513 mm 490 mm Optional - Bottom Skirt

20 L 278 mm 5.65 Kg 435 mm 410 mm Optional - Bottom Skirt

15 L 278 mm 5 Kg 350 mm 330 mm Optional - Bottom Skirt
Slim 237 20 L 237 mm 5.4 Kg 560 mm 535 mm Optional - Bottom Skirt
  15 L 237 mm 4.5 Kg 440 mm 415 mm Optional - Bottom Skirt
  10 L 237 mm 3.65 Kg 330 mm 303 mm Optional - Bottom Skirt
Slim 250 5 L 250 mm - - - -
Slim 278 7.92 Gal 10.94 in 17.96 lb 23.22 in 22.44 in Optional - Bottom Skirt

6.60 Gal 10.94 in
13.88 lb 20.19 in 19.29 in Optional - Bottom Skirt

5.28 Gal 10.94 in
12.45 lb 17.12 in 16.14 in Optional - Bottom Skirt

3.96 Gal 10.94 in
11.02 lb 13.77 in 12.99 in Optional - Bottom Skirt
Slim 237
5.28 Gal 9.33 in 11.90 lb 22.04 in 21.06 in Optional - Bottom Skirt

3.96 Gal 9.33 in
9.92 lb 17.32 in 16.33 in Optional - Bottom Skirt

2.64 Gal 9.33 in
8.04 lb 12.99 in 11.92 in Optional - Bottom Skirt
Slim 250
1.32 Gal 9.84 in - - - -

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