LTP Cubical IBC Container




LTP cubic container features ideal cleaning geometry, residue-free emptying, is non-permeable and unbeatable service life. With great variety in sizes and non-wearing construction which allows continual re-use, the LTP Cubic Container made of stainless steel meets all your requirements.

Our striving for quality and perfection ensures the highest possible degree of safety and lifespan. Your requirements and our pioneer culture give rise to customized, innovative products made of stainless steel.

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250 - 2000 Liters


  • 30 Minute Fire Resistant
  • Suitable for Offshore Container
  • Aseptic


  • Chemical
  • Food
  • Paint and Coatings
  • Pharmaceutical


  • CE Marking
    CE Marking - Pressure Resistant
  • UN Approved Packaging Symbol
    UN / ADR Approval - Suitable for Hazardous Material
  • EC 1935-2004 Compliant
  • Specifically designed for space optimization
  • Improved discharge geometry
  • Guaranteed complete discharge
  • Extremely easy to clean
  • Cost efficient
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Unbeatable service life
  • Suitable for forklift and hand pallet truck handling
  • Suitable for crane handling
  • Stackable


  • Stackable
  • Complete emptying of container due to deep-drawn bottom with virtually no dead zones, fitted with directly flange-mounted outlet valve
  • Optimal economy of space
  • Cost-efficient


Transport and storage of liquid products used within the chemical, paint and food industry

  • As per regulations stipulated under the traffic law, ADR, RID and IMDG code.
  • Suitable for transport in ISO freight containers

* Pharmaceutical version available upon request.

Unit: Metric Imperial







LTP 250

250 L

834 mm

1034 mm

840 mm

90 Kg

LTP 500

500 L

834 mm

1034 mm

1220 mm

100 Kg

LTP 800

800 L

1025 mm

1225 mm

1135 mm

120 Kg

LTP 1050

1000 L

1025 mm

1225 mm

1310 mm

140 Kg

LTP 250 66 Gal 32.83 in 40.70 in 33 in 198.41 lb
LTP 500 132 Gal 32.83 in
40.70 in 48 in 220.46 lb
LTP 800 211 Gal 40.35 in 48.22 in 44.68 in 264.55 lb
LTP 1050 264 Gal 40.35 in
48.22 in
51.57 in 308.64 lb


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