Aseptic IBC Container built for Breweries and Wineries

Aseptic for Beverage Industry
Aseptic for Beverage Industry



THIELMANN Aseptic Containers built for breweries and wineries are manufactured using the highest quality stainless steel and are designed to serve a multiple of applications within the Beverage Industry.

Whether you are a brewer of beer or cider, a wine maker or distiller, or even a Kombucha manufacturer, the THIELMANN Aseptic Container can easily serve all of your needs in various applications such as, fermentation (cider and wine), carbonation, yeast propagation and it can also serve as a Brite tank or storage tank. 

The cylindrical design of our containers offers a fully aseptic process and easy cleaning with a simple spray ball, thus reducing the risk of contamination. Stainless steel dimple jackets are used to maximise glycol cooling performance, therefore allowing the brewer the maintain low lagering temperatures.



450L/118 Gal/3.80 bbl - 2100L/554 Gal/ 17.87 bbl


  • Aseptic


  • Beverage


  • CE Marking
    CE Marking - Pressure Resistant

Our Aseptic Containers for breweries and wineries are made using state-of-the-art laser welding equipment, to ensure completely sanitary welds throughout them. They can be equipped with fully hygienic Tri Clamp ferrules on the lower side wall which can serve a multitude of combinations, a racking arm, a carbonation stone, a thermo-well or level sensors. You can decide exactly how you would like to configure your Aseptic container to fit in with your processes - removing the need for additional costs for items that you simply do not need.

THIELMANN Aseptic Containers represents the best option for your beverage offering a smooth and seamless hygienic interior, polished and passivated welds, dimpled preformed jackets – all of which are functional but also add up to stellar good looks.

  • Safe forklift transport (fork tunnels).
  • Complete emptying of container.
  • Weight optimized frame composed of tubular profile.
  • Various outlet versions.
  • Optional RFID tags for tracking purposes.
  • Stainless steel options: AISI 304 or AISI 316.
    * Optionally available with heating or cooling jacket.
  • Fermentation
  • Carbonation
  • Yeast Propagation
  • Brite tank
  • Storage tank

Unit: MetricUS

Capacity Diameter Height
450L (3.80 bbl)  1000mm 1350mm
650L (5.51 bbl) 1000mm 1550mm
900L (7.67 bbl) 1000mm 1700mm
1000L (8.33 bbl)  1000mm 1880mm
1300L (11.06 bbl) 1140mm 1850mm
2100L (17.87 bbl) 1400mm 2020mm
118 Gal (3.80 bbl)  39.37” 53.14”
171 Gal (5.51 bbl) 39.37” 61.00”
238 Gal (7.67 bbl) 39.37” 66.92”
264 Gal (8.33 bbl) 39.37” 74.00”
343 Gal (11.06 bbl) 44.88” 72.78”
554 Gal (17.87 bbl) 55.11” 79.52”

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