Aseptic Cone Bottom Multipurpose Tank

ASC Cone
ASC Cone

Aseptic cone bottom tank built for the craft brewery industry

Multi-purpose tank ideal for beer fermentation, plus a wide variety of brewing applications

The THIELMANN Aseptic Cone Bottom Tank offers the best solution for a multiple of applications in the beverage and craft brewery industry.

Our Aseptic Cone Bottom Tank represents the best multi-purpose container option for your beer, particularly beer fermentation, plus a wide range of further applications, such as yeast propagation, storage, carbonation and serving, making it ideal for the versatile brewer who requires a flexible container solution.


450L/118 Gal/3.80 bbl - 2100L/554 Gal/ 17.87 bbl


  • Aseptic


  • Beverage


  • CE Marking
    CE Marking - Pressure Resistant

THIELMANN containers offer a fully aseptic process thanks to their cylindrical design making them easy to clean, reducing the risk of contamination. The cone shaped bottom ensures that it is easy to capture and remove yeast, which can then be saved for the next batch of beer.

Our multi-use tanks are equipped with stainless steel dimple jackets, which are purpose designed to boost glycol cooling performance and are proven to maintain lower lagering temperatures. The seamless hygienic interior features polished and passivated welds, providing a clean and safe environment for your beer.

  • Safe for forklift transport (fork tunnels)
  • Complete emptying of container thanks to its cone shaped bottom
  • Various outlet options
  • Optional RFID tags for tracking purposes
  • Stainless steel options: AISI 304 or AISI 316.
    * Also available with heating or cooling jacket.
  • Fermentation
  • Carbonation
  • Yeast Propagation
  • Brite tank
  • Storage tank

Unit: Metric US

Capacity Diameter Height
1000L (8.33 bbl) 1000mm 2095mm
264 Gal (8.33 bbl) 39.37” 82.00”

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