Battery Safe Box

Battery safe box

Transport and storage of damaged, critical and potentially dangerous Lithium Ion batteries

The future is here: sales of electric cars is expected to increase to 12 million in 2025. A by-product of the growing use of electric cars is the need for manufacturers to be responsible for the disposal of batteries. Additionally, the collection and recycling of these kinds of batteries is being encouraged by several governments. However, the transportation and handling of Lithium Ion batteries is strongly regulated, as they are potentially dangerous.

THIELMANN’s Battery Safe Box is designed to manage the handling of dangerous batteries and to handle batteries in their way to recycling processes. It provides a stable and safe protective environment that meets regulations for the storage and transport of Lithium Ion batteries.

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The THIELMANN Battery Safe Boxes are designed to comply with the requirements of ADR:

  • Battery Safe Box 700 is approved and built according ADR 4A
  • Battery Safe Box 3000 is approved and built according ADR 50A

Defective and potentially dangerous batteries can spontaneously ignite and burn. Our Battery Safe Box has been developed for these scenarios. In case of fire, the resulting heat and fire products are collected and released in a controlled manner. The design meets the requirements of the ADR for the transport of dangerous lithium batteries which are described in special provision ADR SV 376. (P910, P909, P908, LP904, P911, LP906).


Choose between purchasing, short or long term rental, or the THIELMANN Full Handling Service, which, for a fixed fee, provides a comprehensive service for your entire network of batteries, across the globe.

As part of this service THIELMANN collects the batteries, in whatever condition, and safely transports them to wherever they need to go. The service also includes the provision and fitting of spare parts and regular maintenance checks.

According to current dangerous goods legislation, only THIELMANN is permitted to conduct the inspection and maintenance on the boxes.

Focus on your core business with total peace of mind that THIELMANN will take care of everything.



Battery Safe box
Battery Safe box


  • Double wall design: according safety regulations
  • Transportation of Batteries with filling material Extover ® according Building material Class A1, DIN 4102 tested by the Dresden Material Testing Institute (MPA) (Non-combustible, electrically non-conductive and absorbent cushioning materials)
  • Gas management system

Technical Specifications

Metric Imperial

 Type  Packaging group Length Width Height Inner Container Dimensions Payload Volume Design
Battery Safe Box 700 4A 1400 mm 1800 mm 1490 mm 876x1276x690 mm 435 Kg 700 L Double Wall
Battery Safe Box 700 4A 55.1 in 70.9 in 58.7 in 34.5x50.2x27.2 in
959 lb 185 Gal Double Wall
Battery Safe Box 3000 50A 2430 mm 3200 mm 1400 mm 1906x2676x583 mm
1200 Kg 3000 L Double Wall
Battery Safe Box 3000 50A 95.7 in 126 in 55.1 in 75x105.4x23 in
2654.5 lb 792.5 Gal Double Wall


  • Double wall Stainless steel design
  • 2 times stackable
  • Gas management system
  • Design type according 4A and 50A
  • Transport according to special provision SV 376
  • Used for dangerous articles of Packaging Group I, II and III Filling material Extover® according DIN 4102 Class A1 Approval for ADR, RID and IMDG
  • BAM approval


  • Reusable after a fire event
  • Filtering of combustion products
  • Stackable
  • Largest payload (LP Box) on the market
  • Future-proof for increasing battery capacities

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