Stainless steel Thielmann keg

Stainless Steel Kegs

Our industry leading manufacturing processes produce kegs using the highest quality materials (AISI 304 austenitic stainless steel), which deliver unrivalled hygiene standards, protect your beer from UV light, pollution particles and corrosion. THIELMANN kegs leave the organoleptic properties of your beverage unaltered, regardless of its handling and climatic conditions.

Small Industrial Containers

THIELMANN Small Industrial Containers represent the perfect solution for the storage and transport for any type of liquids that are emptied under pressure or that require specific approvals due to their hazardous nature. The ease of cleaning and the wide range of configurations available mean that they offer endless possibilities for easy integration into several processes within the Beverage, Chemical, Food and Pharmaceutical industries.

IBCz 1000

Intermediate Bulk Containers

As market leader and manufacturer of containers made from stainless steel, THIELMANN offers the most comprehensive product range of Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) and large capacity packaging worldwide.

Our vast range of containers are suitable for a myriad of products, including fluids as well as bulk materials and can be used across most industries.

We know that not every container requirement is simple or straightforward, that's why we offer Custom IBCs, which can be tailor-made to your exacting needs.

Portable Tanks

The safest solution for the transport of dangerous goods under pressure

Powder Handling Systems

Streamline your plant processes with customized THIELMANN solutions

From transport, filling and storage to mixing, dosing, discharging and packaging, THIELMANN powder handling systems can be designed, customized and integrated to streamline and simplify operations at your plant.

Whatever your requirements, whatever your industry, THIELMANN IBC containers and systems can be fully integrated into solutions that optimize operations.

All THIELMANN powder handling systems are engineered with precision to exceed quality standards to preserve your bulk materials and ensure the safety of personnel.

THIELMANN solutions can be:

  • UN approved
  • ATEX certified
  • GMP appropriate  

Process Equipment

Process Equipment

From the Beverage industry to the Chemical or Pharmaceutical, THIELMANN doesn't just provide transportable solutions, we also provide static processing equipment, which can be integrated into your industrial processes, with the same excellent quality, safety and hygiene standards that you have come to expect.

Our versatile range of process equipment containers meet even the most demanding standards and certifications for a wide range of industries. They are designed to merge seamlessly into your existing industrial processes and represent the ideal solution for many different applications.

In an age where environmental awareness is ever important, THIELMANN containers offer an impressively long life span, even under rigorous operation conditions, they are also 100% recyclable.

Defense Container

Defense Solutions

For over 75 years, WEW has been pioneering innovative modular solutions for safely transporting some of the most toxic liquids and gases known to man in civilian and military supply chains

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Battery Safe Box

The future is here: sales of electric cars is expected to increase to 12 million in 2025. A by-product of the growing use of electric cars is the need for manufacturers to be responsible for the disposal of batteries. Additionally, the collection and recycling of these kinds of batteries is being encouraged by several governments. However, the transportation and handling of Lithium Ion batteries is strongly regulated, as they are potentially dangerous.

Be ready for anything the weather throws at your keg fleet
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As a valuable THIELMANN customer, we wanted to share some fundamental tips on how to use your kegs safely following an extended storage period, where they may be exposed to extreme heat or cold
07 Apr