Stainless steel Thielmann keg


Our industry leading manufacturing processes produce kegs using the highest quality materials (AISI 304 austenitic stainless steel), which deliver unrivalled hygiene standards, protect your beer from UV light, pollution particles and corrosion. THIELMANN kegs leave the organoleptic properties of your beverage unaltered, regardless of its handling and climatic conditions.

IBCz 1000

Intermediate Bulk Containers

As market leader and manufacturer of containers made from stainless steel, THIELMANN offers the most comprehensive product range of Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) and large capacity packaging worldwide.

Our vast range of containers are suitable for a myriad of products, including fluids as well as bulk materials and can be used across most industries.

We know that not every container requirement is simple or straightforward, that's why we offer Custom IBCs, which can be tailor-made to your exacting needs.

Small industrial containers

THIELMANN Small Industrial Containers represent the perfect solution for the storage and transport for any type of liquids that are emptied under pressure or that require specific approvals due to their hazardous nature. The ease of cleaning and the wide range of configurations available mean that they offer endless possibilities for easy integration into several processes within the Beverage, Chemical, Food and Pharmaceutical industries.

Tank Container Solutions

Our ISO Tank Container systems are designed to operate worldwide and withstand the harshest handling conditions that can be associated with road, rail, sea and extreme climate operation. Over the last five decades, THIELMANN has gained deep insights into the extreme challenges of multimodal transport and thus, have designed container solutions which overcome all of these challenges. We specialize in providing integrated systems combining liquid/gas storage with ancillary services, such as pumps, specialist linings, filtration, telemetry and heating and cooling systems.

Powder Handling Systems

Streamline your plant processes with customized THIELMANN solutions

From transport, filling and storage to mixing, dosing, discharging and packaging, THIELMANN powder handling systems can be designed, customized and integrated to streamline and simplify operations at your plant.

Whatever your requirements, whatever your industry, THIELMANN IBC containers and systems can be fully integrated into solutions that optimize operations.

All THIELMANN powder handling systems are engineered with precision to exceed quality standards to preserve your bulk materials and ensure the safety of personnel.

THIELMANN solutions can be:

  • UN approved
  • ATEX certified
  • GMP appropriate  

Storage Tanks

At THIELMANN we have spent many years designing and building Storage Tank Containers solutions which offer over ground and underground storage of both hazardous and non-hazardous liquids. Manufactured using stainless steel or carbon steel they offer the maximum in security and safety and can be fully customized to your specific requirements. Our Storage Tanks can be used across multiple industries: Chemical, Mineral Oil, Food, Beverage, Pharmaceutical and even in the Renewable Energy sector as they are suitable for Methanol.

03 September
06 September
The Independent Brewery Association (IBA) will be hosting BrewCon 2019 will at the Melbourne Convention Exhibition Centre on from 3th - 6th September 2019.
20 May
20 May
In 2007, Massachusetts brewers came together to form the Massachusetts Brewers Guild (MBG) for the purposes of promoting craft brewing and protecting the interests of craft brewers in Massachusetts.
THIELMANN introduces new lightweight IBC
THIELMANN has developed a new lightweight cylindrical IBC for the transport, storage and dispensing of high density liquids.
Called the IBC ECO-LIGHT cylindrical container, the container is a variant of the IBCz-LO cylindrical container with lateral outlet. It has been engineered to reduce weight while retaining the high strength properties of the original.
20 Jun
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THIELMANN introduces US Kegs servicing
THIELMANN – The Container Company, is pleased to announce that it has introduced keg servicing operations in the United States as part of its growing presence worldwide
THIELMANN’s full keg service and repair program options include internal and external inspection, cleaning, neck repair, chime straightening, pressure testing, spear maintenance.
25 Apr
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