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THIELMANN WEW addresses Generic Base Architecture requirements

09 September

THIELMANN WEW at DSEI 2019 #S3-547 on the UK Pavilion


THIELMANN WEW, the industry leading deployable fuel and water solutions expert, has expanded its military base support capabilities with a new approach to Generic Base Architecture (GBA) requirements.

GBA is a Defense Standard that specifies mandatory standards for data, power, water, waste and fuel infrastructure in an operational military base or headquarters, including mechanical interfaces for all equipment.

As armed forces look to reduce dependency on the logistics supply chain and increase camp autonomy, GBA requirements are once again emerging in the base support domain - and THIELMANN WEW is ready to meet them with its expanded camp utilities capabilities.

THIELMANN WEW’s ‘drop and go’ 2-50,000L fuel and water systems are already designed to meet the ruggedized requirements of the defense environment, with high-grade steel tank and frame and integrated ancillary systems (pumps, filter units, distribution and recording systems) providing a ‘plug and play’ mainstay capability in support of doctrinal 4th through to 1st line military echelons.

The company’s fuel system portfolio has now been extended by teaming/partnering with other specialists, to include expandable ‘pack and go’ capabilities that can fulfil more temporary and mobile base requirements as defense forces seek increasingly mobile and scalable camps in support of deployed forces. These include expandable skid mounted bladders for vertical storage, and flexible bund and bladder storage solutions with shade protectors to reduce evaporation and the risk of condensation contamination.

For its water solutions portfolio, the company’s product line has been expanded to include water treatment plants that enable water to be derived from local water sources, including lakes, rivers and boreholes; wastewater treatment plants that can recycle camp water; secondary grey water piping systems; sludge de-watering; and solid waste incineration to reduce waste removal from site.

As a whole, these new capabilities will enable THIELMANN WEW to provide a one stop shop for camp utilities – water, waste and fuel – as part of its 20’x 8’ x (5’8” to 8’) intermodal, C130-transportable and PLS system-capable product line.

“Interoperability has long been one of the differentiators of THIELMANN WEW fuel and water solutions,” Falko Pfeuffer, head of Defense, THIELMANN WEW, said. “Our ‘drop and go’ products are designed to work with the typical handling and support equipment used by military logisticians around the world, and our ISO frame design means that the systems can be carried by any standard logistics vehicle that can carry containerized military systems.

“This move to GBA is a natural continuation of this design approach as military forces look to simplify their base camp infrastructure, and maximize commonality and interoperability of all the systems that fit together to make up a base.”

THIELMANN WEW is exhibiting at DSEI 10-13th September on stand #S3-547.

THIELMANN WEW receives Croatian Armed Forces order
The order, placed in February 2019, will see THIELMANN WEW deliver a single unit for testing and evaluation by the Croatian land forces
THIELMANN WEW has received an order to deliver a self-contained 10,000 liter (2,642 US gallon) water transport and dispensing unit for the Croatian armed forces.
16 May
THIELMANN WEW receives Saab order
THIELMANN WEW has delivered a fuel storage and distribution system to Saab under an order received in August 2018
The 8,000L Deployable Fuel and Distribution Capacity (DFDC) tank container system is being acquired by Saab on behalf of the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV). Saab will supply the system to the Swedish FMV as a prototype unit for testing and assessment.
29 Jan