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THIELMANN, awarded by the Kaizen Institute

01 December

THIELMANN recognized by the Kaizen Institute for their global efforts to become leaner and more productive

The Kaizen Institute helps enterprises achieve continuous improvement and organizational excellence through their education and training methodology. This renowned organization have now recognized THIELMANN’s efforts to become leaner and more productive, and have awarded them on the development and implementation of their Continuous Improvement Program.

In order to formulate and implement this Program, all THIELMANN plants worldwide had to come together to work towards this joint goal. Many operational aspects had to be addressed, including inefficiencies at every level, and despite the plants being located in different parts of the world, the global THIELMANN team can together as one and worked in harmony to achieve this remarkable accreditation.

The adoption of the Continuous Improvement Program has been a great success, and it could not have been possible without the hard work and determination of all those involved.

THIELMANN keeping the supply chain of critical supplies
Rest assured that THIELMANN is working to the highest possible safety standards to protect our employees and everybody who does business with us
As global citizens, we all have a responsibility to do everything that we can do in order to alleviate this crisis situation

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