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Discover THIELMANN's solutions for Defense in its brand new dedicated space on the website

30 March

Innovative solutions to meet the needs of military operations

Customers doing business with the Defense business line of THIELMANN can now find our solutions in a brand new dedicated space on our website.

Known for its engineering excellence around the globe, WEW Container Systems became part of the THIELMANN company in 2016, and is now known as THIELMANN WEW. Customers can rely on the same design expertise, build excellence and quality assurance that they have known and relied on for more than two decades.

From its specialized team based in Weitefeld, Germany, THIELMANN WEW operates a dedicated design, program management, manufacture and testing facility 100% focused on developing industry-leading solutions which provide fuel and water capabilities for military operations around the world.

Our solutions are designed to meet NATO Standardization Agreements (STANAG) enabling interoperability of joint and combined operations with certifiable reliability levels.

THIELMANN's solutions for Defense range from cost-effective standardized 'turn-key' solutions designed to seamlessly integrate into existing camp infrastructure to bespoke solutions which can be fine-tuned by our team of designers and engineers to meet the exacting needs of the mission.

THIELMANN WEW has the technical capabilities and know-how to make your mission possible with our solutions, such as, our stand-alone fuel and water solutions, our fixed capacity and expandable and water treatment systems, our full base camp solutions, integrated logistics services and all with the support from our design, engineering and project management teams at your disposal each and every step of the way.

THIELMANN's Military-Off-The-Shelf (MOTS) stand-alone solutions include secure self-contained fuel and water 'drop and go' systems for main base camp or deployed operations, which are built to withstand the extreme conditions of the battlefield, and thanks to their resilient nature, reduce the dependency on the logistics supply chain. Our technical capabilities also extend to Project Management of MOTS solutions to integrate them into wider camp infrastructure and includes solutions such as; full water treatment, expandable fuel systems, ablutions (showers and toilets), kitchen and dining, laundry, vehicle washdown, dust suppression and air conditioning.

THIELMANN's Integrated Logistics Services will keep your fuel and water solutions in excellent condition and safe working order via a global network of support suppliers. Alternatively, because our solutions are built using a large number of standardized parts, they can be repaired and maintained by your local maintenance teams. As part of the THIELMANN service, we provide documentation and training to your maintenance teams to enable them to keep the units operating in perfect condition throughout their long 30+ year service life.

Head over to the new Defense & to explore how our solutions can help you to achieve the needs of your mission.

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13/04 update
18 May
THIELMANN WEW addresses Generic Base Architecture requirements
THIELMANN WEW at DSEI 2019 #S3-547 on the UK Pavilion
GBA is a Defense Standard that specifies mandatory standards for data, power, water, waste and fuel infrastructure in an operational military base or headquarters, including mechanical interfaces for all equipment
09 Sep
THIELMANN WEW receives Croatian Armed Forces order
The order, placed in February 2019, will see THIELMANN WEW deliver a single unit for testing and evaluation by the Croatian land forces
THIELMANN WEW has received an order to deliver a self-contained 10,000 liter (2,642 US gallon) water transport and dispensing unit for the Croatian armed forces.
16 May