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Need to store and transport chocolate at the ideal temperature?

20 May

Look no further than a THIELMANN Electric Heatable IBC

According to a new consumer trend report, chocolate is now the number one snack that consumers are reaching for during quarantine.

THIELMANN plays a key role in various stages of the chocolate making process, from bean to bar.

Standard stainless steel THIELMANN IBCs are used for the processing, storage and transportation of cocoa beans, from ground, to dry and roasted, and are also used with the other ingredients involved in the chocolate making process, such as milk powders, sugar, flavorings and emulsifiers.

Whereas, THIELMANN’s Electric Heatable IBC, with its integrated heating system, manages the temperature control processing stage of chocolate making with ease. Available in size formats 500l – 1,250l, it represents the ideal vessel for the storage and transportation of temperature sensitive chocolate for customers who require their product ready-to-use, in the best possible condition. With a sturdy external frame, the THIELMANN Electric Heatable IBC is easily transportable via forklight and hand pallet truck, and another added bonus is the optional integration of a mixer, perfect for chocolate applications.

To learn more about how our Heatable IBC can help your business visit our dedicated pages for ASC BEI Aseptic Heatable IBC container and ZBEI Electric Heatable IBC container.

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