No Label Brewing

‘No Label Brewing Co.’: Low volume fermentation vessels for test brews

Case Study

When it comes to the brewery there are many ‘one size fits all’ options available. For the most part, THIELMANN’s high-grade stainless steel kegs, barrels and containers are available from stock to meet all the requirements of a brewery: from transporting and storing, to mixing, distilling and fermenting beverages. But every now and then we come up against a challenge that we need to innovate to solve. After all, no two breweries are the same, and no two breweries run identical operations. In fact, the rise in popularity of the craft brewery has seen a major shift in the way brewers run their operations, with an increasing move to the production of larger numbers of smaller volume brews in these types of breweries.

And just as the brewers are reinventing the way they produce their beverages, here at THIELMANN we retain the resources, agility and flexibility in our business to problem solve, and produce engineered solutions to meet one-off requirements in order to support different approaches in the brewery. In doing so we increase the depth of our product portfolio, and all our customers are able to benefit from these individual projects.

We put our engineers to the test on one such case with the No Label Brewing Company – and the results speak for themselves.

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