Technical capabilities

What sets THIELMANN fuel, water and water treatment solutions ahead of its competitors?

Standards-based designs

Our solutions are designed to meet to meet NATO Standardization Agreements (STANAG) and other required military standards, enabling interoperability of joint and combined operations, with certifiable reliability levels.

Quality control

All THIELMANN solutions are fully tested to ensure they can withstand operations on rough terrain and in extreme environmental conditions.

THIELMANN’s welding inspection and control system follows all relevant processes according to DIN EN ISO 3834, Teil 2 (DIN EN 729 Pt 2, fusion welding of metal materials – comprehensive quality standards), all subject to external audit.

Lloyd's Register undertakes independent inspections to ensure adherence. THIELMANN also works on approvals with other testing organizations: Germanischer Lloyd, Bureau Veritas, TÜV, Det Norske Veritas, American Bureau of Shipping, amongst others.

As part of our testing program we regularly run a series of impact tests that are in line with ISO 1496/3.


All THIELMANN design and manufacturing processes and products are held to the highest levels of certification and accreditation .

Intermodal and interoperable

As self-contained 'drop and go' solutions, THIELMANN fuel and water systems are designed for intermodal transport envelopes, including sea, air, road and rail. Many designs are fitted within standard ISO frame dimensions or can be carried on standard military transport vehicles, and are compatible with common handling systems used by military logisticians including DROPS and Hooklift, allowing ease of handling throughout the supply chain - even in multi-national operations.

Multiple fuel type capability

From diesel to petrol to aviation fuel, THIELMANN fuel systems can provide the fuel you need, where and when you need it. Dual-fuel designs are also possible for true force multiplication.

All water requirements

From drinking/potable water for troops, to waste water storage and treatment for small units or integrated base camp infrastructure, THIELMANN solutions are available for all your mission's water requirements.

Built from the highest quality grade stainless steel, our fuel and water solutions are built for long-life, quality performance and easy maintenance

Other Capabilities


Stand-alone solutions

Our military off-the-shelf (MOTS) solutions provide a stand-alone, fully self-contained fuel or water capability that can be tailored with customized capabilities to meet the needs of your mission

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Project management

Military off-the-shelf (MOTS) solutions, including fixed capacity, expandable and water treatment systems, that can be networked together to build whole camp life support infrastructure.

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Design and engineering

From clean sheet designs to bespoke solutions, our engineering experts can design fuel and water capabilities to suit any mission profile.

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Integrated logistics services

From integrated logistics services, to documentation and training, we can help you maximize the service life of your fuel and water solutions.

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