Design and Engineering

Design and Engineering

Whatever your requirements, THIELMANN has the design and engineering capability to support your defense and expeditionary operations with custom fuel and water solutions.

Whatever the starting point for your requirement: transport by a specific logistics vehicle, a unique deployment, or extreme operating environment, THIELMANN provides a fully-bespoke design and engineering service to keep your troops and equipment fuelled and watered, no matter the mission.

This includes a strong focus on sustainable deployment for camp utilities infrastructure. This means supporting our customers by maintaining technological change and development while minimising or avoiding the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance.

Specialist Design Team

Our clean sheet design service is managed through a close working relationship with our specialist design team, and overseen by our defense unit engineers and project managers who have a deep understanding of the military environment and it's constraints and challenges.

From design, to manufacture and testing/certification, whatever your requirement, whatever your mission, THIELMANN has the expertise to make that mission possible.

Full Base Camp Solutions
For customers seeking full base camp solutions, we work with a range of carefully selected partners to provide turn-key infrastructure that takes care of all fuel, potable water, and waste water storage and treatment for camps of any size, in any location. Simply tell us your requirements and our specialist defense team will design, build and integrate self-contained base camp infrastruture to keep your operations fuelled and watered in even the most extreme conditions.

Read more about THIELMANN's Project Management capabilities.

Other Capabilities


Technical capabilities

Our technical expertise, standards-based design approach and rigorous testing and certification procedures make our fuel, water and water treatment solutions stand out from the crowd.

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Stand-alone solutions

Our military off-the-shelf (MOTS) solutions provide a stand-alone, fully self-contained fuel or water capability that can be tailored with customized capabilities to meet the needs of your mission

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Project management

Military off-the-shelf (MOTS) solutions, including fixed capacity, expandable and water treatment systems, that can be networked together to build whole camp life support infrastructure.

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Integrated logistics services

From integrated logistics services, to documentation and training, we can help you maximize the service life of your fuel and water solutions.

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Our specialist defense team are happy to help you understand more about THIELMANN and how we can help you achieve your mission objectives

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