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THIELMANN WEW equipment takes part in NATO exercise

29 November

A THIELMANN WEW fuel storage and distribution system supplied to the Luxembourg Army took part in NATO Exercise TRIDENT JUNCTURE in Norway during October-November 2018


THIELMANN WEW fuel storage and distribution system supplied to the Luxembourg Army took part in NATO Exercise TRIDENT JUNCTURE in Norway during October-November 2018.

THIELMANN WEW supplied the 8,000L Deployable Fuel and Distribution Capability (DFDC) tank container system to Luxembourg in August under a single unit order. The system is identical to the 36 DFDC units supplied to the Belgian Army throughout 2017-2018.

Designed to simplify logistics supply chains, the DFDC provides an intermodal, self-contained mobile and deployable system to dispense diesel or kerosene fuel directly into military platforms and containers.

The system is integrated into a standard 20ft ISO container frame with a height of 7ft, for transportation on military logistics vehicles, and air and sea assets. It is compatible with standard military handling equipment including STANAG 2413 Palletized Load System, Demountable Rack Offload and Pickup System (DROPS) and Load Handling System logistics systems.

The system can dispense 280-300L of fuel per minute as a maximum flow rate, via a 3inch NATO standard drybreak coupling. The tank container is equipped with overfill protection and level sensors, a 6 kVA, 400/230 V, 50 Hz electric power generator GENSET, and has integrated transfer pumping and tank self-load/unloading capability. Also, two 12m dispensing hose reels, each with a nozzle, are equipped for dispensing lower flow rates (50 l/min or 120 l/min) into vehicles or other containers.

As with all THIELMANN WEW tank container systems, the DFDC requires no site preparation prior to its deployment, offering a true ‘drop and go’ fuel capability.

“We are pleased to have fulfilled this order for the Luxembourg Army to schedule, and anticipate great results from the system’s use during Exercise TRIDENT JUNCTURE,” Björn Stolz, Managing Director, THIELMANN WEW commented. “As the unit is designed to be carried on standard 6X6, 8X8 or 10X10 logistics vehicles and requires no specialist handling equipment, it is perfect for coalition or multi-national operations.

“We are confident that this flexible fuelling solution will have a positive impact on fuel supply procurement programmes among partner nations when they see what it is capable of.”

NATO’s highest visibility exercise since 2015, Exercise TRIDENT JUNCTURE 2018 was jointly hosted by Norway and Iceland. The exercise provided NATO Allied Command nations an environment to test, refine and further develop existing or new capabilities, with 40,000 participants, 130 aircraft and 70 vessels from more than 30 nations taking part.


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