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THIELMANN introduces US Kegs servicing

25 April

THIELMANN – The Container Company, is pleased to announce that it has introduced keg servicing operations in the United States as part of its growing presence worldwide

THIELMANN – The Container Company, is pleased to announce that it has introduced keg servicing operations in the United States as part of its growing presence worldwide.
Investment in the US-based servicing portfolio has been a priority for THIELMANN as it looks to ensure its customers’ keg fleets remain in optimal condition throughout their service life.
THIELMANN’s full keg service and repair program options include internal and external inspection, cleaning, neck repair, chime straightening, pressure testing, spear maintenance.
Keg servicing procedures are 100 percent tailored to customer requirements, with each step of the process – from fleet arrival at the THIELMANN facility to its return to brewery – optimised to make sure assets are tracked, assessed, cleaned and repaired as required, so that they return to brewing operations as good as new.
Additionally, THIELMANN can also provide documentation and data analysis for fleet visibility and improved stock and spares management. Services can also include the collection of scraps/parts for environmental removal.
For brewers looking for deeper understanding of their keg fleet, THIELMANN tracking solutions are also available to allow customers to optimise investment in their keg fleet, understand keg availability against forecast, and identify asset losses and loss rate trends.
“Stainless steel kegs are undoubtedly the best option for brewers looking for clarity of taste, character and preservation from their brews,” Terry Parker, Beverage Container Service Director at THIELMANN, commented. “Stainless steel kegs are an investment, and they will serve your brewing operations for as long as you keep them in good working order – as long as 30 years. In expanding our US-based servicing options, we strive to help our customers achieve their goals and produce the perfect brew time after time.”
In May, THIELMANN looks forward to meeting with valued partners at the Craft Brewers Conference 2018 in Nashville on stand #1616 30 April – 3 May 2018. We will have experts on stand to meet with old and new business partners to discuss how we can help your brand achieve its goals. Drop by to talk about our new US servicing options and our industry-leading stainless steel kegs.
Präsentation unseres neuen unternehmensvideos
Wir freuen uns, Ihnen unser neues Unternehmensvideo zur Verfügung zu stellen, das Ihnen unser breites Angebot an THIELMANN-Containerlösungen vorstellt. Verbraucher auf der ganzen Welt nutzen ständig unsere Container und profitieren davon.
14 Dec
THIELMANN übernimmt CONTek IBC-Service GmbH
CONTek ist Weltmarktführer bei der Reinigung, Wartung und Inspektion von Behältern, insbesondere für die chemische Industrie und für Lacke in der Automobilindustrie.
übernimmt THIELMANN die CONTek IBC-Service GmbH
16 Nov