At a glance - THIELMANN

Our brand promise: 

Expertise you can trust

As the world’s leading manufacturer of stainless steel containers, unsurpassed container expertise that customers from a broad range of industries trust and depend on. The profound knowledge and expertise we’ve gathered in more than 275 years of container production and use, in a broad and diverse range of industries, render us uniquely qualified to confidently tackle your business challenge.

We embrace our responsibility toward the environment and our stakeholders with enthusiasm, respond to their needs with the greatest flexibility possible, and are fully dedicated to providing our customers with exactly the right container solution time and again.

Our engineering know-how and uncompromising quality standards enable us to regularly deliver the same value-adding products and services and unrivalled container expertise our customers have come to depend on, whatever the challenge. They’ve come to depend on our promise to them: To deliver the best expertise in containers customers can trust.

Our brand values:

What is truly important to us as an organization

The following brand values underpin our company culture and determine the way we think and act at THIELMANN.
We are dedicated to our customers’ success and passionate about solving any of the container issues they face.
We take the responsibility to conduct business in a way that secures the future of our company, while also providing durability, stability and the highest levels of safety.
We always think and act proactively with customers in mind and respond to their needs with the highest possible level of flexibility possible.

Our offer: 

How you can benefit from our expertise

You can count on us to be a reliable and competent partner.

At THIELMANN we foster a spirit of commitment and cooperation. Customer expectations and needs are always our starting point. and we act promptly and competently to enhance their success and deliver added value.
We maintain fair and reliable partnerships with our customers and foster trust through open, honest and direct communication.

Whatever your industry, we have your container.

THIELMANN serves a large variety of customer industries around the world, with the most complete range of stainless steel containers in the market and a worldwide presence.
Our portfolio covers all international standards and a wide variety of product sizes.
Thanks to our deep understanding of diverse industry requirements and our high level of flexibility, we deliver the highest standards for even the most customized solutions.

We are at your service throughout the world.

Our premise is to be at our customers’ disposal with our strong commitment to customer service whenever and wherever needed. Whether you have an urgent challenge or a long-standing problem to solve, with its worldwide presence, THIELMANN will be there to help, wherever and whenever needed.

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