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There always has been and always will be a need for container solutions for myriad industries around the world.

Our Vision is to provide innovative, environmentally friendly and value adding container solutions for our customers while focusing on mutually beneficial, long-term relationships which stimulate continued growth and gains for companies and employees alike.


Founded in 1740, THIELMANN has now developed into a global manufacturer of standard and customized stainless steel containers to meet the various needs of its many customers.

Our Mission is to become the world’s leading supplier of Stainless Steel Containers by 2020 and to collaborate closely with our customers around the world to develop solutions to their processing, dispensing, storage and transportation requirements in order to become their preferred partner. Our solutions are of the highest quality, are accompanied by the most attentive of customer service, and comprise a Product Portfolio for our customers, which safeguards and maintains the integrity of their goods and products.

To achieve this goal, we will continue to work closely with our present and future customers, no matter their industry, to firmly understand their needs in terms of price, quality, quantities and lead times. This will enable us to surpass our own and our customers’ expectations, and to establish long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our business partners throughout the world.

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